Chad thought it would be fun to show photos from some of the real places where Sam’s adventures take him throughout the first two books in the series. Enjoy!

Four Seasons Hotel. Where Sam has to first evade Square Jaw and Elvis, the two assassins who are hunting him down in Austin. (The Tracker)

Affinity Tattoo. The place where Tommy Kucher sends Sam to pick up his new alias. (The Tracker)

B.D. Riley’s. The pub Sam darts into to evade Square Jaw and Elvis, and starts a brawl with some frat guys to escape out the back. (The Tracker) 

The Driskill Hotel. Where Sam runs after being chased by Elvis behind B.D. Riley’s PUB. (The Tracker) 

The alley behind the Driskill Hotel, where the gray-bearded man first saves Sam’s life before disappearing. (The Tracker)

Sam Callahan’s apartment building in DC. (The Tracker and Shadow Shepherd)

The brownstone that’s home to Natalie’s 3rd-story apartment in DC. (The Tracker and Shadow Shepherd)

The campus of Georgetown, where Sam goes to law school. (The Tracker)

The Lincoln Memorial, where Sam first tracks down Natalie when he returns from Austin. (The Tracker)

Dupont Circle. Where Natalie first tells Sam she loves him, only to have him break her heart a few days later. (The Tracker)

Home to PowerPlay, where Natalie works as an investigative reporter. (The Tracker and Shadow Shepherd)

Natural History Museum, where Sam and Natalie secretly meet to discuss their investigation. (The Tracker)

Union Station in DC. Where Sam gets chased by the Gray Wolf, an infamous international assassin. (Shadow Shepherd)

Phoenix Park Hotel. Where Sam walks into the Presidential Suite and has his whole world flipped upside down. (Shadow Shepherd)

The bench near the Reflecting Pool in DC where Sam has his dramatic sit down with Marcus Pelini. (Shadow Shepherd)