Sam Callahan #1

Trust no one. Sam Callahan learned this lesson from a childhood spent in abusive foster care, on the streets, and locked in juvie. With the past behind him and his future staked on law school, he is moonlighting as a political tracker, paid to hide in crowds and shadow candidates, recording their missteps for use by their opponents. One night, after an anonymous text tip, Sam witnesses a congressional candidate and a mysterious blonde in a motel indiscretion that ends in murder, recording it all on his phone.

Now Sam is a target. Set up to take the fall and pursued by both assassins and the FBI, he is forced to go on the run. Using the street skills forged during his troubled youth—as well as his heightened mental abilities—Sam goes underground until he can uncover who is behind the conspiracy and how far up it goes. A taut thriller with an unforgettable young hero, The Tracker is a heart-stopping debut from an exciting new voice.

* Released from Thomas & Mercer on February 14, 2017




Shadow Shepherd Cover Art

Sam Callahan #2

As a former political tracker with a brand-new law degree, Sam Callahan has turned his life around, leaving behind a childhood ravaged by abuse and a fatally dangerous job shadowing political candidates. Now a lawyer, Sam hopes for a risk-free future, but harm’s way has a much longer reach than he could ever expect.

His very first legal client is gunned down in a Mexico City hotel, and Sam barely dodges a bullet himself. Suddenly on everyone’s most-wanted list—brutal hit men, hostile cops, relentless FBI agents, and even an infamous assassin—he doesn’t have the luxury of finding out why.

When Sam’s girlfriend is dragged into the fray by a kidnapper, Sam would do anything to save her life. The catch? He’s got only twenty-four hours to do it…but any number of ways to die.

Released from Thomas & Mercer on September 19, 2017





“A gritty, compelling and altogether engrossing novel that reads as if ripped from the headlines. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Chad Zunker is the real deal.”

— Christopher Reich, New York Times Bestselling Author of Numbered Account and Rules of Deception

“Good Will Hunting meets The Bourne Identity.”
— Fred Burton, New York Times Bestselling Author of Under Fire

“Wow! Adrenaline junkies, take note: THE TRACKER is one of those pulse-pounding, page-turning, over-in-one-night thrillers you’d expect from the regular names on the New York Times bestseller lists.”
— Owen Laukkanen, Bestselling Author of The Professionals